Solar vs Fossil Fuel: Who Wins!

The controversy that is wrapped around solar vs fossil fuel has been given a lot of attention and this is why it is important to have understanding about the products, as this would help you to have better idea and how you can discern in the right manner. So here, we are going to delve with Solar vs Fossil Fuel: Who Wins so that we can take up the right action that would suffice the purpose.

We are not going to take you in boring statistics rather we are going to help you understand the synergy as this would help you to take up things in the best way possible. We are utilized solar energy in much different way and the aim to convert to into electrical energy and it is needless to mention that it is one most eco-friendly way that will allow you to have an alternative source of energy.

The sun’s vast energy is transformed into electrical through some mechanised machines that have some solar power methods that are used to be transferred. It is understood that fossil fuels have their own advantages, disadvantage and it is needless to mention that it is a great source of energy as they are patent from living beings, and it is concentrated form of energy.

It becomes much more important to have better understanding so to give more clear perspective. To give you some of the details it is important to know some of its disadvantages, as this will help you to take up things in the best way so here we have enlisted some of the negatives of Fossils fuel.

  • Contribute in global warning as these are not green source of energy and this is indeed one of the major drawbacks of fossil fuel energy.
  • These are non-renewable source of energy, as it has many other leftovers that have adverse effect on the ecosystem.
  • Non-sustainable, and as a result we are exhausting our limited resources which is otherwise not possible.
  • Fossil fuel are cheap and this is the reason why it used by the Government to get to make more money by making businesses out if it.
  • Hazardous Accidents it is needless to mention that these days nuclear accidents happens that takes toll on the millions of lives which is not case with the solar and wind energy.
  • It cannot be used in small manner, as it requires a lot of effort energy and labor.

These are a few things that would help you to have better understanding and at the same time, you will be able to have better understanding Solar vs Fossil Fuel: Who Wins.

It becomes much more important to know, as this would give you an idea about which is better and which is not for our nature and us. The solar market palace a has gone through 360 degree shift and this is why it is important to choose the best option that are available in the market that would take up things in the best way possible.

What Is a Solar Panel?

Development is something that needs to take place, irrespective of how many technological advancements have taken place. It is necessary to survive in a world where every other resource is being used up by the minute and we look for alternate, renewable resources. One such resource is the energy obtained from Solar cells. Today, we will be looking into solar energy in detail and also answer the question of What Is a Solar Panel as well. Let us look at it now without any further ado.

The Need for Solar Panels  

  • One of the biggest and easiest changes came in the form of Solar energy. Not only are they of high efficiency but also are environmental-friendly, something that is drastically needed in the 21st century.
  • The benefits that come with solar outweighs conventional uses of energy resources and provides reasoning as to why one must opt for solar as quick as possible.
  • The only drawback to solar is that a hefty investment must be made in the beginning as solar panels, unfortunately, do not come cheap and this becomes a huge disappointment for people who wish to convert to solar.
  • But, it is a one-time investment as these solar panels have excellent durability and can easily last for more than 25 years, that is one-quarter of a person’s lifetime and that is truly remarkable!
  • Let us see the working of solar and observe why it is one of the best usable resources as well. Solar energy works by the absorption of sunlight which is then converted to electricity.
  • To absorb sunlight, solar panels are needed and these solar panels are laid together to join a huge network to absorb the maximum energy as possible.
  • This energy is then converted to electricity by means of an inverter (converts DC current to AC current) and is sent to people’s homes.
  • The energy produced from solar is environmental-friendly, as stated earlier, and does not cost anything to make this electricity as well.
  • In fact, one can cut down on a lot of bills by going for solar, as one does not depend on conventional energy sources anymore and this, perhaps, is the biggest asset to having solar energy.
  • Hence, the question of What Is a Solar Panel is answered quite easily, and the significance of it must be thoroughly understood as we are stepping into one of the dreadful eras in our history, with regard to our environment.


Insights on Solar Panels

Observing solar can give people awareness to its features and potential features that it comes along with and this is why everyone must understand how important it is to know much about solar energy. The question What Is a Solar Panel simply gives people enough awareness to read about it more and certainly gives them quite a lot of incentives to try it for themselves. Solar energy, in the end, is becoming increasingly popular and will soon replace conventional grids as vehicles, noticeably retaking an incredible liking towards it, harnessing its potential like never before has given people a second chance to improve the Earth’s current state of affairs.

How Solar Power Converts In Electricity

The first thing to do when we try to understand something is to know how a process works. Not only is it important to know but it also presents an opportunity where one can provide solutions in the event of a breakdown. Today, we are talking about solar energy and we are going to try and learn How Solar Power Converts in Electricity. It is interesting and also lets people understand the subtle, yet small world of solar energy on the whole. Let us look at it in detail now.


Solar Energy- A Glimpse


  • Solar Energy is if not the best renewable energy source which exists currently, certainly is one of the best favoured and preferred energy sources, and all for a variety of convincing reasons.


  • Solar energy is first and foremost, easy to get your hands on, simply because its energy is completely dependent on the sun. It is because of the sun’s rays that energy is formed and this energy can potentially be harnessed forever until the sun stops burning, which won’t happen anytime soon.


  • Now that we understand that solar energy is based out of the sun, let us try to understand How Solar Power Converts In Electricity.


  • The first thing one needs is a solar panel which is generally attached to the roof of a house or the sides of buildings, etc, wherever one gets the most light from the sun, basically.


  • This solar panel is made of PV cells which is what creates the energy by absorbing the sunlight. Since this energy produced is direct and cannot be used without any form of rectification, as this energy if it reaches the household appliances that we use, they might not work or simply burst or become unusable.


  • Hence, to avoid this from happening, the inverter is used, which converts the direct energy (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) which is what we generally use in our homes and offices.


  • The best thing about Solar Energy is that there is no reason for wastage as the excess energy that is produced is sent to the grid where it is stored. And when there is a reason for energy to be used, it simply draws energy from the gird and thus energy is saved immensely.


  • This might seem simple to hear, but the positive consequences that it holds are quite spectacular as there are so many places in the world where there is no proper power available and installation of solar panels would give access to each and every single person good ways to live.


Insights on Solar Power


Now that we understand How Solar Power Converts In Electricity, one can even come up with a basic idea of how to produce such power from the recesses of their homes. Although it might not be as good enough to power an entire home, it is certainly good enough for small appliances and also because it does not do the environment any harm at all. This perhaps is the biggest reason as to why everyone should adapt to solar pretty soon!

Benefits of Going For Solar Power

In the 21st century, one of the greatest challenge faced by the countries is the need to provide energy both sustainably and sufficiently, and with the world developing in leaps and bounds, the reservoirs of fossil fuels are decreasing faster than ever, also keeping in mind the environmental jeopardies that follow, the world is soon targeting for a renewable and sustainable source of energy, and that’s where the concept of Solar evergy comes.

Solar energy is basically the energy we harness from the sun, the sun is the utmost provider of the energy to the earth, researchers say that the amount of energy provided by the sun to the earth for one hour, can adequately run global energy sectors for one year, but we’re only able to harness 0.001% of Solar energy. Given the amount of benefits possessed by solar energy, about time the world takes solar power seriously.

why go solar

Benefits of Solar Power:

  1. Environment friendly:

With fossil fuels being one of the biggest catalyst of carbon emissions, solar energy can be a much more feasible, yet environment friendly process. It results in zero carbon emissions and also it doesn’t pollute water and requires very low amounts of water unlike nuclear plants. Also given that solar panels make absolutely no noise, there’s no issue of sound pollution as urban areas will need more solar panels

  1. Economically beneficient:

Solar panels are definitely a lot cheaper than conventional fuels available. The only fair bit of expense involved is during installation, other than that there’s nothing much to add. The panels don’t need much maintenance, so the maintenance costs are minimum. Most solar panels come with a 20-25 year warranty and don’t require much changes in the time being, so there’s not much to spend either.

Again, the production of Solar energy is much cheaper than other fuels, thus a person can save a large chunk of expenditure by investing in solar panels

  1. Renewable and accessible:

As long as there is sunshine, there’s solar energy, so there’s no chances of solar energy running out anytime soon. Also, it doesn’t require much to build solar panels, thus it’s accessible to people of all walks of life, there are many regions in the world, that still lack access to electricity, thus decentralized solar energy systems can be much more sustainable than access to the rental grid

  1. More energy efficiency:

In most energy sectors, 3-5% energy is lost during transportation, the further the distance from the plant, the more is the rate of wastage, the numbers might not be huge, but in densely populated areas, such losses can result in jeopardies. But as solar panels are connected in rooftops and nearby areas, the loss is minimal in distribution and transportation.


Amidst all the positives, solar panels can add a few issues, they include high installment costs and disruption in production during inclement weather, but looking at the bigger picture, in the current set of circumstances, solar energy is the most feasible, affordable and efficient source of energy available.


Best Solar Panel Companies Around

Solar power is considered as one of the most progressive forms of energy in the current worrld. With the fossil fuel reservoirs dying out, the world is desperately in need of a sustainable, affordable and renewable source of clean energy, that doesn’t leave a huge carbon footprint on the earth surface like fossil fuels. This is why the world is greatly relying on solar panels as the source of energy for the future. It’s cheap, doesn’t require heavy maintenance and is beneficial to the environment, with Becquerels invention of photovoltaic effect which laid the foundation of modern solar panels, there has been no looking back, there are a number of companies around the glove providing contemporary solar solutions regarding purchase, leasing and maintenance of solar panels.

solar panel companies around

Generally we judge solar panel companies on a number of criterias, on the number of shipments and also on the aspext of quality, the characteristics like the wattage ratings, power tolerance, efficiency of the solar cells, Temperature coefficient, quality, durability etc. Are judged. A solar panel with high wattage ratings is likely to provide more electricity than others, while at very high and very low  temperatures the efficiency of the solar panels might decrease, while durability is also a concern on how the solar panel would perform in extreme conditions like blizzards or storms. Also international accreditation like the The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and The International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC’s) 61215 reliability standard evaluations can help in judging a solar panels quality.

The top solar panel producers globally based on the number of shipments are:

  1. JinkoSolar:

JinkoSolar is a Chinese based solar power developer and producer, started off in 2006 it has created a market across the world, currently with a revenue of 3.22 billion USD, they plan to expand their horizons to 9.5GW production of energy by the end of 2018

  1. Trina Solar

Second on the list is Trina Solar, a Chinese based photovoltaics manufacturer having multiple branches scattered across Asia, Europe and USA. Founded in 1997, they have also made into the list of the top 100 fastest growing industries of the world.

  1. Canadian Solar:

The third largest producer of solar power in the world right now is Canadian Solar, a Canadian based organization with branches scattered all over Europe, Asia and the middle East, they specialize in photovoltaic modules and systems. Their current revenue worth at $3.5 billion

  1. JA Solar Holdings

JA Solar Holdings is a Chinese based company that design, develop, manufacture and sell solar cell and solar module products. Mostly based in China, they sell their products to consumers in China, but they have clients in Germany, Spain, Sweden, South Korea and the USA, they currently have a revenue of 800 million USD, and after being subsidized by the Chinese government in 2008, there has been no looking back for them.

  1. Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS is a South Korean based company with two headquarters in South Korea and Germany (technology and invention), opened in 2012 they are a manufacturer of photovoltatic solar cells and they are one of the fastest growing ones in the sector.