In the 21st century, one of the greatest challenge faced by the countries is the need to provide energy both sustainably and sufficiently, and with the world developing in leaps and bounds, the reservoirs of fossil fuels are decreasing faster than ever, also keeping in mind the environmental jeopardies that follow, the world is soon targeting for a renewable and sustainable source of energy, and that’s where the concept of Solar evergy comes.

Solar energy is basically the energy we harness from the sun, the sun is the utmost provider of the energy to the earth, researchers say that the amount of energy provided by the sun to the earth for one hour, can adequately run global energy sectors for one year, but we’re only able to harness 0.001% of Solar energy. Given the amount of benefits possessed by solar energy, about time the world takes solar power seriously.

why go solar

Benefits of Solar Power:

  1. Environment friendly:

With fossil fuels being one of the biggest catalyst of carbon emissions, solar energy can be a much more feasible, yet environment friendly process. It results in zero carbon emissions and also it doesn’t pollute water and requires very low amounts of water unlike nuclear plants. Also given that solar panels make absolutely no noise, there’s no issue of sound pollution as urban areas will need more solar panels

  1. Economically beneficient:

Solar panels are definitely a lot cheaper than conventional fuels available. The only fair bit of expense involved is during installation, other than that there’s nothing much to add. The panels don’t need much maintenance, so the maintenance costs are minimum. Most solar panels come with a 20-25 year warranty and don’t require much changes in the time being, so there’s not much to spend either.

Again, the production of Solar energy is much cheaper than other fuels, thus a person can save a large chunk of expenditure by investing in solar panels

  1. Renewable and accessible:

As long as there is sunshine, there’s solar energy, so there’s no chances of solar energy running out anytime soon. Also, it doesn’t require much to build solar panels, thus it’s accessible to people of all walks of life, there are many regions in the world, that still lack access to electricity, thus decentralized solar energy systems can be much more sustainable than access to the rental grid

  1. More energy efficiency:

In most energy sectors, 3-5% energy is lost during transportation, the further the distance from the plant, the more is the rate of wastage, the numbers might not be huge, but in densely populated areas, such losses can result in jeopardies. But as solar panels are connected in rooftops and nearby areas, the loss is minimal in distribution and transportation.


Amidst all the positives, solar panels can add a few issues, they include high installment costs and disruption in production during inclement weather, but looking at the bigger picture, in the current set of circumstances, solar energy is the most feasible, affordable and efficient source of energy available.


Benefits of Going For Solar Power