Solar power is considered as one of the most progressive forms of energy in the current worrld. With the fossil fuel reservoirs dying out, the world is desperately in need of a sustainable, affordable and renewable source of clean energy, that doesn’t leave a huge carbon footprint on the earth surface like fossil fuels. This is why the world is greatly relying on solar panels as the source of energy for the future. It’s cheap, doesn’t require heavy maintenance and is beneficial to the environment, with Becquerels invention of photovoltaic effect which laid the foundation of modern solar panels, there has been no looking back, there are a number of companies around the glove providing contemporary solar solutions regarding purchase, leasing and maintenance of solar panels.

solar panel companies around

Generally we judge solar panel companies on a number of criterias, on the number of shipments and also on the aspext of quality, the characteristics like the wattage ratings, power tolerance, efficiency of the solar cells, Temperature coefficient, quality, durability etc. Are judged. A solar panel with high wattage ratings is likely to provide more electricity than others, while at very high and very low  temperatures the efficiency of the solar panels might decrease, while durability is also a concern on how the solar panel would perform in extreme conditions like blizzards or storms. Also international accreditation like the The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and The International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC’s) 61215 reliability standard evaluations can help in judging a solar panels quality.

The top solar panel producers globally based on the number of shipments are:

  1. JinkoSolar:

JinkoSolar is a Chinese based solar power developer and producer, started off in 2006 it has created a market across the world, currently with a revenue of 3.22 billion USD, they plan to expand their horizons to 9.5GW production of energy by the end of 2018

  1. Trina Solar

Second on the list is Trina Solar, a Chinese based photovoltaics manufacturer having multiple branches scattered across Asia, Europe and USA. Founded in 1997, they have also made into the list of the top 100 fastest growing industries of the world.

  1. Canadian Solar:

The third largest producer of solar power in the world right now is Canadian Solar, a Canadian based organization with branches scattered all over Europe, Asia and the middle East, they specialize in photovoltaic modules and systems. Their current revenue worth at $3.5 billion

  1. JA Solar Holdings

JA Solar Holdings is a Chinese based company that design, develop, manufacture and sell solar cell and solar module products. Mostly based in China, they sell their products to consumers in China, but they have clients in Germany, Spain, Sweden, South Korea and the USA, they currently have a revenue of 800 million USD, and after being subsidized by the Chinese government in 2008, there has been no looking back for them.

  1. Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS is a South Korean based company with two headquarters in South Korea and Germany (technology and invention), opened in 2012 they are a manufacturer of photovoltatic solar cells and they are one of the fastest growing ones in the sector.

Best Solar Panel Companies Around